The Trip

My trip will span from June to mid August.  I’m begging my trip from London after studying English at University College London for a Semester.  I’ll between London and Paris via Eurostar train.  In France I will use a France specific InterRail pass and after that I’ll use a Global InterRail pass that will allow me to move between countries.   I’ve planned out the first month and a half of the trip in advance and will make plans as I go for the second half.

I will spend over a month in France beginning with a week in Paris.  I will then divide my remaining time in France between three regions the Loire Valley, the Dordogne, and the French Riviera.  In the Loire Valley I will stay in Tours for a week and then move for a three-day stay in Saumur, a three-day stay in Angers.  From there I move on to the Dordogne region and spend five days Sarlat.  After that I will go on to the French Riviera where I will stay in Nice and do day trips to the smaller cities.  Then I’ve got seven days in Rome.

From there my plans are less solid and I have no hostels booked yet.  I would like to see Greece, but I’m keeping an eye out for Train or Ferry strikes as well as watching the state of the Greek Euro.  I know I will see Switzerland, and then move on to Germany to see Berlin and Munich.  I would like to see Belgium if I have time.  I will finish in Amsterdam.  From Amsterdam I will take a ferry to Newcastle and then a train to Edinburgh Scotland to stay with a friend for the final week before I return to London to fly home to the United States.


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