Past Travels

Here is complete list of my past travels

Unites States

-Colorado (Family Trip, School Rock Climbing Trip)

-New Mexico (Family Trip)


Joshua Tree State Park (School Rock Climbing Trip)

-Louisiana (Family Trip)

-Florida, Jacksonville (Family Trip)


Boston (Visiting Friends)

Northampton (My college Town)

-Maine (Family Trip)

-DC (Visiting Friends)

-New York, New York City (Family Trip, Traveling With Friends)

Illinois, Chicago (National Youth Under 21 Poetry Slam)

-West Virginia (School Rock Climbing Trip)

Central America


Nuevo Leon (School Rock Climbing Trip)

Guanajuato (Family Trip)

-Costa Rico (Family Trip)

-Honduras (Family Trip)

South America

-Brazil (Family Trip, Studied Abroad for two months in high school)


United Kingdom

-England (Family Trip, School Trip, Two Week Solitary Backpacking, Six Months Studying at UCL)

-Scotland (Trip With My Older Brother)

-Wales (Day Trip to Cardiff With a Friend)

-Spain (Two Months Studying Spanish in High School, One Summer studying Spanish in College, One Week Solitary Backpacking)

-Portugal (One Week Solitary Backpacking)

-Italy (One Week School Orchestra Trip)


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