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we got into Angers. We left the hostel fairly early this morning and walked to the train station. When the ticket checker looked at my inter-rail pass he played a joke and pretended it was not valid. He was smiling though, so I knew he was joking so we laughed and he went on. Continue reading

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The Great Champagne Disaster of 2010

Yesterday we arrived in Saumur early. We walked to our hotel and left our bags then we headed into town. We walked up to the chateau but found it was close for major renovations so the most we could see were the grounds. We saw the grounds as well as an exhibit on pottery and another on horsemanship. You have to wonder if they didn’t look long and hard for the dullest exhibits to have while the castle was closed. The castle itself was very beautiful and looked rather like you would imagine one in a fairy tale would.
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Second Day in Tours

Today was my second day in Tours. Anna and I got up around eight and had breakfast at the hostel. It was free which was nice, even if it was just bread and yogurt. We walked over to the Musée des Beaux Arts. It was an impressive gallery for a museum that six. I was feeling burnt out on art by mid morning. Continue reading

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A day of Chateaus and Bicycling

June 22, 2010 Yesterday we went to two Chateaus.  Chenonceau and Amboise.  We used our inter-rail passes, which gave us unlimited travel for the day.  Chenonceau was right by the town. Only one tower survived of the original castle but … Continue reading

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Traveling to Tours and Walking Along the River

We left Paris for Tours today. It was a long day. Our train was at 12.20 but we had to check out of our hostel by 11am so we checked out by 10:30 and were on our way. By eleven we were in the station. The subway didn’t take as long as we expected. We waited an hour in a café and then got on our train. In retrospect it would have been nice to get an earlier train. Continue reading

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The Sacré-Coeur Basilica and Cimetiére du Pére-Lachaise

Today we went to Monmartre. We went up by subway in the morning. Once we got out of the subway we walked up a long hill with a great number of hair salons that specialized in hair extensions. For one of the first times in our trip we were some of the only white people around. After England this was nice to feel again. Continue reading

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Versailles and the Fake French Village

We went to Versailles today. We walked to the Montparnasse Train station and took a local train to Versailles Chateau. The tickets cost only about ten euros in total. The trip was quick and the walk to the palace was short. The morning was cold and windy and I made the mistake of wearing a skirt. I was glad to get inside and warm. Continue reading

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