About My Traveling Companion

Anna  is my traveling companion for this trip.  I’ve known her since shortly after I arrived in London in January.  We met in University College London’s science fiction club and she just graduated with a degree in Classics.  This trip is her last great hurrah before she enters the real world and has to find a job.  She’s a UK citizen but has a rather complicated background.  She was born in Scotland to English parents but has lived in the US, Kenya, Scotland, and England.  She’s traveled in both the US and Israel during her gap year before university.  She speaks English, a little Hebrew, a bit of French and a tiny bit of Italian.  She can read and write Mycenaean Greek, Ancient Greek and Latin although unless we find a way to time travel I doubt she’ll be able to use those skills on our trip.  She’ll occasionally write guests columns in the blog.


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