Starting a Travel Blog

This is the first post of my new travel blog.  I intend to use it to detail the events of my travels across europe this summer.  I know there are a lot of other blogs like this one written by white middle class college students doing euro trips.  I do not pretend to be particularly unique in this regard.  I hope though that with a little humor and honesty I can still create an enjoyable and useful blog.  My intention is that other travelers who plan to go to the same places may find my advice useful and enlightening.  This will be a blog of both practical travel advice as well as reflections on the nature of traveling.  I invite all readers, if I ever have any, to share their own experiences about the places this blog discusses and to provide their own travel advice if they wish.

Sincerely, Katrina Young


About Policy Chick

I'm a first year Global Policies Masters student at the Lyndon B. Johnson LBJ School of Public Affairs
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One Response to Starting a Travel Blog

  1. ds says:

    Fantastic – looking forward to following your travels! The police box is a nice touch.

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